Hints - General Building Tips




Over the passed few year which I have been using these blocks to make models I have found that the following have helped me to assemble them.


1) UHU General purpose Glue works well


2) If you have any lego make a corner section about 3/4 inches on each of the wall and use this when building walls.


3) for a base I use MDF but some people use form board which can be cut easy.


4 ) When building roofs or floor of towers I would use card (600g type) to glue them to before gluing them to the model.


If you have any tips which you would like to share with your fellow modellers please email them to Customer Service who will place the information on the site.


You can also combine 2 kits to produce a differant version of a model.  Below is a differant version of the small sewer which a custome sent in to us.






I have used a number of different paints to paint my models and this is what I found out. When painting resin models I would generally us an acrylic paint which gives good results, but when painting models made from Herculite I generally use the poster paint for the undercoat with acrylic paint for the next 2 layers. But a number of people I know just use normal house paint which will work as well.

I have been asked which colours would you recommend. What I have found that all you need is 10 basic colours which you can mix to produce any colours you wish.

1) Lemon Yellow

6) Titanium White

2) Vermmmillon

7) Sap Green

3) Uitmarine

8) Yellow Ochre

4) Burnt Umber

9 )Burnt Sienna

5) Cerulean Blue

10) Black



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